Do Not Conflate Female Emancipation With The Sexual Revolution

Sayde Scarlett
3 min readOct 3, 2022
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It has become popular in some darker corners of the internet — especially the so-called ‘manosphere’ — to rage against feminism and how it is allegedly responsible for societal decline. On further examination, however, people who decry feminism or call themselves anti-feminist aren’t objecting to every facet of feminism at all. If you were to point out, for example, that women could not take out their own line of credit without their husband’s or father’s permission in the USA until 1974, most rightminded people would find it absurd that such a rule was only overturned so recently. The 1974 Fair Credit Opportunity Act was a landmark in the Female Emancipation movement that had begun two centuries before. It is not this type of feminism that contemporary anti-feminists rage against. Opponents of contemporary feminism are overwhelmingly opponents of the Sexual Revolution rather than opponents of Female Emancipation even though both fall under feminism as an umbrella term.

Only the most extreme fringe misogynists actually object to Female Emancipation

The removal of former kickboxer Andrew Tate and his extreme misogynistic content from most social media sites was both alarming and comforting at the same time. At first, it horrified me that such a person could gain a huge following. It disheartened me that so many men would be sucked into his social media because of its shock value, only to then buy into the real product he was selling ($49 per month for ‘Hustler’s University’, a discord channel dedicated to teaching how to earn money through various means). What was comforting, however, was how many men found Andrew Tate’s statements repulsive. Most men I saw commenting on Tate’s ban from social media found the proposition of men owning women like chattel slaves and Tate’s incitements to violence against women abhorrent. I remain unconvinced that rolling back the progress Female Emancipation has meant for women’s lives is secretly popular or even mildly appealing to men.

Even feminists disagree on the Sexual Revolution

The main source of opposition to contemporary feminism surrounds the consequences of the Sexual Revolution rather than feminism writ large…

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