Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock

Book Launch — King’s Cross Station, London — 25th October 2019

On the 25th October, the book launch for Matt Adcock’s debut novel, Complete Darkness, was held at King’s Cross Station, London.

Adcock’s novel, a fifteen-year labour of love, has already topped the Amazon Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy list. Complete Darkness is set in a world where mankind discovers that Hell is real. The novel’s protagonist must find a way to save humanity before the Devil gets to them first.

The Reverend Peter Laws, author of Purged, and satanist, Ben Dean, author of Uncover Satan Recover Thyself, were guest speakers at the event and offered their thoughts on what Heaven and Hell mean to them and how they think the Devil would manifest itself.

Like the novel, the evening was full of surprises. What first appeared to be a typical literary event ended with a twist when author Matt Adcock invited his guests to find a member of the public from the surrounding area — who not only believed in Hell but would be willing to explain why in front of Adcock’s guests.

The prize for finding such a person would be to have themselves immortalised in the novel’s sequel. Half-a-dozen attendees left to take up Adcock’s challenge whilst guests mingled. One by one those attendees came back to the party empty-handed.

Just as hope had faded, one guest led an unfamiliar face to the room. This young lady proceeded to fulfil Adcock’s request and, true to his word, the guest who found her will have herself immortalised in Adcock’s next book.

Thank you for reading — I hope you found my thoughts interesting. Agree with me? Don’t agree with me? Let me know either way: @Sayde_Scarlett

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