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She didn’t change the monarchy but she did change celebrity

© Press Association

What wisdom theology still holds for the un-religious

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Why the press regulator should create new guidelines similar to those used when covering suicides

Don’t ‘Lean In’ too far…

This is *not* what I look like at work. © elnariz /Adobe Stock

In all its live-action glory…

An event to mark the increasing loss of religious freedom as Christian groups fear the issue will be drowned-out by Brexit

Fionn Shiner, parliamentary spokesman for Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)

Restaurant Review

© @bardouro/Instagram

Book Launch — King’s Cross Station, London — 25th October 2019

Interview with Matt Adcock, author of the bestselling novel Complete Darkness

Sayde Scarlett

Artist by day; author and neo-decadent poet by night.

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