She didn’t change the monarchy but she did change celebrity

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People have short memories.

Painfully short, in fact. Unbelievably short. The news cycle may be brutal for those in it, but at least it’s short.

There’s no single celebrity that epitomises this more than the late Diana, Princess of Wales. I was seven when Princess Diana died. Most British adults older than me will remember the world before Diana passed. Yet so many seem to have forgotten that Princess Diana was widely regarded as a ‘bimbo’ by the British Press. …

What wisdom theology still holds for the un-religious

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I initially started spending time in churches during my lunchbreaks to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Churches are a great place to think in quiet when the weather outside is too inclement to sit on a park bench and, unlike a café, I don’t have to buy a coffee or a croissant to justify my presence in them. Whilst in a church one day, my mind inevitably turned to what value religion still holds in this day and age — and if it held any value for me?

As an atheist, I had not until this point…

Why the press regulator should create new guidelines similar to those used when covering suicides

The Editors’ Code of Practice Committee should consider laying down stricter guidelines on how journalists cover domestic abuse. These should be similar to the current Clause 5 of the Editors’ Code that stipulates responsible reporting of suicide in order to prevent copycat deaths.

The research of Lundy Bancroft, a psychologist who specialises in domestic abuse, suggests the more abusers are able — and enabled — to rationalise their abuse and shift the blame of their abuse onto their partners, the more likely they are to continue to abuse and eventually kill their partners.

Yet several articles I’ve seen in the…

In 2009, for reasons that I struggle to comprehend, I decided to run for the Chair of Liberal Youth. In an effort to process the strange array of emotions I still feel about that rather odd time in my life, here is my account.

This chapter in my life began when I met Naomi Smith and struck up a conversation with her at the Autumn 2008 Liberal Democrat party conference. I immediately liked Naomi and after chatting with her, I decided to get involved with the youth wing of the Liberal Democrat party. I’m someone who likes to be busy…

Don’t ‘Lean In’ too far…

This is *not* what I look like at work. © elnariz /Adobe Stock

Sorry fellow colleagues, but I’m that girl. The girl who gets to work at 8:59am and leaves at 5:01pm. Yes, that girl. The girl who doesn’t start new work if it’s going to take her past the 5pm clock-off time. Yep! That’s me.

The truth is, and I’m embarrassed to admit it in this great age of ‘Lean In’, that I despise corporate life. There’s a lot to love about the jobs I’ve had but I’ve hated the parts of my jobs that were not directly my job. …

In all its live-action glory…

Disney added colour to my childhood in so many ways. I listened to my cassette soundtrack of ‘Pocahontas’ so much it broke. I still listen to it on YouTube now. I used to pine for October when the next Disney feature was scheduled to come out. As an adult, I went back through the old classics and watched them again with the same joy and wonder I felt as a child. There’s no other brand whose products I’ve been as familiar with so consistently from childhood to adulthood.

Until recently, I used to still look forward to Disney’s new releases…

An event to mark the increasing loss of religious freedom as Christian groups fear the issue will be drowned-out by Brexit

Fionn Shiner, parliamentary spokesman for Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)

On the 27th November 2019, advocates for religious freedom took part in an event known as Red Wednesday all over the UK.

Organised by Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), this year’s Red Wednesday, an event to highlight the loss of religious freedom around the world, included a candlelit Cross procession, leaving Parliament Square.

Across the UK, 120 buildings were lit up with red light, including 13 cathedrals, the Mersey Gateway and the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome, Glasgow. …

Restaurant Review

© @bardouro/Instagram

Given what I’d already heard about this place, I was surprised when I did finally visit to find Bar Douro so diminutive in size. Part of Southwark’s cuisine renaissance, Bar Douro is a smart little eatery tucked neatly under a railway arch near London Bridge station. Its décor suggests that it’s not trying too hard because it doesn’t have to. Bar Douro exudes an understated but undoubtedly affluent vibe.

Bar Douro is quiet and romantic, the type of place you take a loved one for an intimate date. I wouldn’t bring just anyone here. Not everyone will appreciate its deliberate…

Book Launch — King’s Cross Station, London — 25th October 2019

On the 25th October, the book launch for Matt Adcock’s debut novel, Complete Darkness, was held at King’s Cross Station, London.

Interview with Matt Adcock, author of the bestselling novel Complete Darkness

Adcock’s novel, a fifteen-year labour of love, has already topped the Amazon Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy list. Complete Darkness is set in a world where mankind discovers that Hell is real. The novel’s protagonist must find a way to save humanity before the Devil gets to them first.

Complete Darkness book launch at King’s Cross Station

The Reverend Peter Laws, author of Purged, and satanist, Ben Dean…

The Jessica Yaniv “trans-waxing controversy” is a sorry, sorry state of affairs. I suspect there will be only losers when this bizarre case reaches its conclusion. But something important is also at stake here and that is the distinction between the public and private space.

Yaniv has been called a “bad faith troll” and I think that nickname is well-deserved. Having seemingly appeared to have undergone absolutely no treatment for gender dysphoria, Yaniv still expected to be welcomed with open-arms into women-only spaces. Unless one is of diminished capacity, no adult would consider that a reasonable request.

Whilst it is…

Sayde Scarlett

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